How has COVID-19 Revolutionized the Healthcare System?

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic over two years ago, it’s safe to say that a lot has changed in the healthcare world.  Believe it or not, the virus has done quite a bit to revolutionize the healthcare system, especially where the following is concerned.


It catalyzed the Concept of Telemedicine


When you couldn’t leave your home, how were you supposed to receive the life-saving medical attention you needed? It was blatantly obvious that something had to give and it eventually did.  This goes beyond caring for COVID-19 victims.  We quickly discovered that telehealth was easier, quicker, and considerably more convenient than traditional office visits in many cases.


There were 52.7 million telehealth visits in 2021 compared to 840,000 the year before.  Although telemedicine providers can’t accomplish everything that a physical visit to a healthcare provider can, it was an applicable solution at the very least.  Doctors are now able to take care of more patients and infected patients are provided the care needed without putting other individuals at risk. This has been a breakthrough in doctor-patient care and is growing every day. It was realized that many people did not need to visit the clinic and that has helped manage the patients who do require urgent care at the medical facility.


It changed the Way We thought about healthcare


At the end of the day, healthcare and pharmaceuticals are a combination of two distinct industries.  Money talks while the most vulnerable individuals are often left behind.  The cooperation of all individuals across personal circumstances and demographics is just the start of a change in attitude.  Additionally, international charity in the form of donated vaccines and other gifts such as food, money, PPE, resources, and more became much more common, especially here in the US.


It shed Light on the Inequities of the Healthcare System


Clearly not everyone has the financial means to afford good health insurance coverage or life-saving medications that many people need.  The same applies to the different types of healthcare facilities as well as the specialists that individuals need.  In addition to this, traveling to receive needed healthcare isn’t always a viable option either.  After over 2 years of data and statistics, we’ve become increasingly aware of the disparities.


Sharp contrasts in case rates, demographic-based COVID-19 deaths, and the number of hospitalizations made these realities stunningly clear.  Beyond the issue of race, we’ve also recognized that a person’s age, city of residence, gender, and poverty status have all had some type of impact on a person’s prognosis statistically.


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