A Comprehensive Look at the Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Test

Despite the steady stream of COVID-19 vaccines being distributed throughout Canada and the US, we’re not completely out of the woods.  There a many unvaccinated people, some of whom have the virus and are unaware of it because they haven’t been tested.  When it comes to accurately diagnosing the infection, testing is an essential part of the equation.  However, it also provides specific information that is vital to the general public’s health. Additionally, with new variants cropping up every other month, the end of the pandemic still seems far away while infections abound.


Additionally, All Health Medical Centre COVID-19 testing procedures help us detect potential outbreaks of the virus and contribute to increased preparedness for any future health crises and more pandemics.  Rapid antigen COVID test procedures in Thornhill are only a single form of COVID-19 testing, but how quickly to these tests yield results? There are several tests currently available including antibody tests, antigen tests, and molecular tests.


Antigen testing, including the rapid antigen test for COVID-19, are diagnostic tests that have been specifically designed and developed to detect an active infection.  In fact, some of these tests can detect past infections.  This test looks for antigens or specific proteins commonly found on the surface of the Coronavirus.  Our immune systems create antibodies by reading these antigens.  If the test reveals SARS-CoV-2 antigens, you most likely are infected.


Many antigen tests such as the All Health Medical Centre rapid antigen COVID test procedure in Thornhill are considered “rapid tests” because they yield quick results.  Conversely, most molecular tests such as the PCR COVID-19 test, can take 3 to 4 days to process accurately.  On the other hand, the rapid antigen test yields result in 30 minutes or less.  Although the FDA approved the use of rapid molecular or PCR tests, most people are talking about the rapid antigen test when discussing rapid testing.


The primary benefit of the rapid antigen test is the time required for it to yield results.  In most cases, this comes down to the ability of our lab to process the test samples taken in a clinic, emergency, or healthcare provider’s facility or in the individual’s home.  With most PCR tests, samples must be sent to our lab.  Consequently, the transporting of these samples takes time, and depending on demand, labs can get backed up quickly, thereby adding additional time to the entire process.


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